Could Bitcoin Wind Up Being FDIC-Insured?

24 October 2022
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The White House reports that 16 percent of Americans have purchased digital assets, resulting in a great deal of discussion about whether the U.S. government will take steps to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here's what you need to know. Is Bitcoin Currently Regulated? No. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not subject to government regulation. However, it is important to note that this aspect of Bitcoin is part of its appeal to many investors. Read More 

How (And When) Should You Choose A Medical Billing Service For Your New Practice?

17 June 2022
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Launching your own practice can be complex, with more pitfalls and challenges than many other types of businesses. While the rewards can make it all worthwhile, getting the details right as early as possible is crucial. Once you've worked out your business plan, secured financing, and have your location, you'll need to start thinking about details such as billing. Medical billing can often be complex, especially when dealing with a wide range of insurance providers and government programs. Read More 

Steps To Take When Using A Bitcoin ATM Machine

2 March 2022
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Bitcoin ATM machines give people another way to engage in buying and selling activities with this digital currency. If you plan on using one to facilitate one of these transactions, this advice will simplify things a lot. Create a Wallet First The first thing you need to do when planning to use a bitcoin ATM to buy or sell this digital currency is create a digital wallet. Then you'll have a way to send bitcoin funds over or transfer them to another party. Read More