Keys To Selling Your Gold Jewelry The Right Way

22 January 2020
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you have started to collect so much jewelry that you need to get rid of some pieces, it's important to learn the best ways to sell them. You can sell your gold jewelry to buyers that would love to take them off your hands, and this will let you get some cash for your troubles. To understand the ins and outs of selling your gold jewelry and how you can maximize your profits, it pays to put some strategies to use. 

Below you will learn more about selling your gold pieces in a way that makes it worth your while. 

Take stock of your jewelry inventory and get every piece appraised

As you look to sell your jewelry, make sure that you first and foremost understand your inventory and what pieces you would like to get rid of. Compile these pictures into a spreadsheet or database, and take high-quality pictures and videos of your pieces so that you can post them on sites or exchange notes with people looking to make purchases. 

Outside of this, you should also touch base with a jewelry appraiser that can help you out with your gold pieces. When you have an appraisal for your jewelry, it will allow you to know its worth so that you can then get the price that you deserve. Getting your gold jewelry appraised can cost you somewhere between about $50 per hour and $150 per hour. The more that you know about how much your jewelry is worth, the easier it will be to come to the market as an informed seller. 

Understand what people are drawn to and look for strategies that will help you sell your jewelry

You should also take some time to study the market to learn what kind of gold jewelry people are looking for. This will help you to figure out where they congregate so that you can also find your demographic and expedite your sales. There are a number of stores and marketplaces you can turn to that will help you get the best from jewelry sales. 

Always put your best foot forward when presenting your wares, and know the specs of what you are selling. For instance, you need to know the year it was created, the karats, and a variety of other points of information. 

Use these tips and take the time to sell your gold the right way.

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