Three Reasons To LOVE Video Banking

31 January 2020
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Video banking, especially with an ATM machine, is becoming the standard by which all older banking methods are measured. You either love video banking or you hate it, but you really should love it. Here are three reasons why.

Still Face to Face with a Bank Employee

Your run-of-the-mill ATM machine with no video banking is just an impersonal machine. If you visit an ATM with a video teller, you are speaking directly with a live bank teller. That level of personal interaction makes these transactions that much more enjoyable. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, you can ask that video teller while you are still using the ATM with the video banking features. 

You Are Being Recorded for Safety

Let's say you head into a bizarre series of events involving your personal kidnapping and a string of stops where your abductor insists on using your bank card to make withdrawals from your checking account. If you stop at nothing but video banking ATM machines, your abductor is leaving a video trail for police to follow and capture your abductor. In another possible scenario, you are making a withdrawal when someone comes up from behind you and either assaults you or holds you at gunpoint for cash. The video bank feature would record all of it and it would be turned over to the police to pursue. Again, the video banking at an ATM machine may have just saved your day, your life, and your savings. 

There Is a Problem With the Machine

When ATM machines run out of money or there is a paper jam of either money or receipts inside the machine, you are left holding the bag because you cannot complete a transaction. With a video teller onscreen, you can actually tell him/her what the problem is with the machine, and then he/she can either override the machine's error or order a technician to make repairs to that particular ATM machine. Having that person-to-person connection ensures that every bank machine is working accurately. If there does not seem to be any mechanical failure with the machine, then the teller will just override the machine and have the machine spit out a certain number of bills to meet your consumers' needs. 

Are You Ready to Give It a Try?

If you are ready to check out the new features on new ATM machines with video banking, just ask your bank where to find these machines. They have a location list. Then the next time you are in the neighborhood of one of these machines, you can see for yourself.