Two Reasons To Call A Bail Bondsman When You End Up Behind Bars

8 February 2023
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

There is nothing like the sinking feeling that can come over you when you find yourself in police custody. Whether it's your first time in jail or you've gone through the process before, it still can somehow manage to seem like the worst experience in the world. If you are lucky enough to be incarcerated on a weekday, you may be able to avoid a weekend stay because a judge can set a bail amount during business hours. Once you have the monetary figure you then have to determine how you'll pay for it. Take a look at why your best option is to contact a bail bonds agent right away.

Flexible Payment Plans May Be Available 

In a time when more than sixty percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, it can be a struggle to try to put together hundreds or thousands of dollars to cover your bail. The majority of your money may already be allotted for bills and groceries and you can't bear the thought of not being able to pay your rent or mortgage because you've given what little you had to secure your freedom.

Bail bond agents understand the monetary pressures that can arise when a person is arrested and placed in jail. The situation is rarely one that is planned for and when it occurs without warning, the stress that ensues can make it hard to think clearly. Some of these professionals offer very doable payment plans that can really help in a pinch. As long as you uphold your end of the bargain by making all of your judicial appearances and taking care of any other court-ordered responsibilities, you should be able to keep the jail cell far away.

Preserve Your Privacy

Being charged with a crime is completely different than actually being convicted. There are so many variables that could have led up to your arrest, including a mistaken identity or faulty witnesses. If you know you are innocent and want to keep the news of your time in jail away from your friends and loved ones, calling up a bondsman is definitely the way to go. You'll get the funding you need to go back home without having to reveal details you would rather keep to yourself.

Bail bond agents make their services available nearly any time of the day or night. When the bars close behind you and you don't know where to turn, reach out to a bondsman immediately.

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